A Few Details

Ever since we had children (they are 20, 18, and 17 now) I have pretty much stayed home with them, and for a little extra money on the side I began freelance writing around 14 years ago (emphasis on little extra money).  At one point we thought about opening a small wine/gourmet food store.  We went as far as meeting with an architect to draw up plans and even had a location chosen.   Then, just as we were getting down to deciding on a start date to begin construction, a different opportunity presented itself, a chance to reopen a small retail store (in the health foods sector) that was sitting abandoned in a nice area of Raleigh, NC.  It wasn’t something we would have chosen to do on our own, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Several years later we ended up selling it at a profit, so I guess in itself it was a good idea.  It’s just that jumping into that store led to another investment idea that didn’t go so well.  Though the whole process began over ten years go, we’re still reeling from it today, and our lives ended up on a much different trajectory than what we were originally on had we not made that initial investment decision.

I can’t complain, though.  That’s not the purpose of my mentioning this.  I hate the quaint “all things happen for a reason” bit not because I don’t believe it but because it seems like it’s so often used to dismiss pain, difficult circumstances, or to gloss over the details.  So tell me, I always want to say, what are those reasons?  How did this specific, real “thing” in your life happen that it turned out in the end to have a “reason” behind it?

I have kept close watch and track of the myriad of ways this “thing” led to good in our lives, but even that is not the original purpose of this post.  I will get to those in future posts.  Today’s post is just to convey that now I’m working at home (a situation I am glad to have) instead of finishing up graduate school (a situation I wish would have been) due to the circumstances of the last decade.   Normally I would have been at church on this gorgeous autumn morning (I’m sure I will have many posts on the metaphysical in the future), but work necessitated that I stay home today and get an assignment done before tomorrow morning.

So for today that is what is going on in the life of this American wife.


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