Who is the American Wife?

Welcome to my blog.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

So, what’s this blog all about?  The title succinctly captures what I hope this blog will be: a snapshot of the daily life of a woman living in the United States of America, a woman who happens to be a wife (and a mom).  A Day in the Druthers of an American Mother didn’t sound as appealing so I kind of went with the wife theme.

I plan to write about daily life here in America for anyone who may find himself or herself interested in such a thing, including what it does or does not mean to be an American (from my perspective) and what it does or does not mean to be a wife (from my perspective).   I do not claim to be the ultimate “American Wife” or even a typical representation of what your normal, average American wife is, if there even is such a thing.  My goal is simply to explore whatever topics interest me and welcome you along for the ride if our interests happen to intersect.  Some topics that will likely be covered: marriage, kids, work, politics, sports, books, movies, food and wine, religion, education, money, health, friendship, music, and travel.

Please feel free to comment or leave questions.  I love knowing who my readers are!


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