One Word

When I sit and try to connect with other women (or men) across the globe, not in a literal way but just by imagining who they are and what their lives are like, I try to sum up my thoughts about women in different regions of the world with one word:  oppressed, hungry, tired, driven, protective, casual, efficient.  The list goes on.  Of course it’s not fair to anyone to try to sum up all of their existence in one word, but I come to these thoughts today because I do wonder how people across the world see American women.

I don’t remember if it was college or high school, but I was made aware around that time that people around the world think all Americans live like what was seen in the shows Dallas and Dynasty.  Coincidentally my brothers and I used to pretend we were characters from Dynasty because we wanted to live wealthy, carefree lives, and nothing encapsulated that lifestyle so well as that show.  By the way, on a daily basis we definitely did not live like the people on Dynasty, just as most Americans do not.

It is my deep desire for this blog to give just a sliver of insight into the daily life of an American woman with as much honesty as I can muster while being discrete enough for the protection of anyone I might mention.  I look forward to this undertaking, and to opening a dialogue with others around my country and around the world.   It is the connections we make with people that give life a fullness (one of the things, anyway), and I think it is an amazing opportunity that the internet has provided a way for the world to become a much smaller place.

For now those are just a few thoughts of an American wife.